Advanced CMake Usage

In the previous post, I showed demos of CMake scripts that I am using in one of my projects and gave descriptions to what each function was doing. Though this is nice, sometimes when you are in the development process, you need more functionality from your build system. Below are just […]

Getting Started with CMake

Since it’s summer, and I’m going to be working on it anyways, I’ve decided the best use of my time is by configuring my Tora-Engine math library to use CMake, CTest, CDash, and CPack. The following tutorials will cover my commits in setting up the build system for the Tora […]

An Introduction to Build Systems 2

Build Automation / Build Systems The first goal of a new project is to make the process of building and deploying the project as easy as possible. Build automation is one of my favorite parts of computer programming (in the beginning), but it can also be the most frustrating (any […]