Website Redesign! 1

Well, I got tired of looking at the old website design. This one is a little nicer on the eyes. The colors work a bit better. There is still have a lot of work to do, but I plan on being more active with blog posts here. There are some exciting side-projects to talk about, and some (hopefully) some interesting bits of knowledge to share! But first I have to finish up this redesign.

So just be mindful, you may see things that don’t look quite right. I am hard at work on them, though sometimes I need my attention elsewhere.
Here’s to a great 2014! I’m a little late on that sentiment, but it works for the 2014 redesign of the website. :)

– Cheers!

Note: I’ve been having some issues with the new theme loading slowly, so you may notice that the CSS doesn’t completely load all the time. So until I fix this, I’ve reverted back to the default theme. I did not have time to fix it during GDC, but since GDC is over, I will be fixing it shortly.

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