A Real-Time Interactive Simulation graduate from DigiPen Institute of Technology (2015). I pride myself in a fantastic work ethic that allows myself to solve and understand hard problems quickly, and grow from the experience of learning on the job. Though I possess a depth of knowledge in native application development (with emphasis on real-time capabilities), I also maintain a reasonable breadth of knowledge in other software development buckets to stay well-rounded. Separate from work, I focus on creating interesting open-source projects like OpenSK or LT3 Project for fun; which I hope will one day be useful to other developers.


  • C, C++, Obj-C, Lua, Python, JavaScript, SQL, U-SQL, Bash (Unix utils)
  • CMake, QMake, Visual Studio, QT Creator, CLion, Valgrind, Git, Mercurial, SVN
  • Linear Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Calculus, Physics, Algorithms
  • Gameplay, User Interface, GTest, Cont. Integration, OpenGL, Compilers, Components, Reflection

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